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Isu Rotan: Baca (Sampai Habis) Dan Komen

Persuasion, not compulsion

When federal laws unambiguously prohibit whipping or caning of women, religious laws must not be allowed to do the opposite.

ONE of the small things that I am grateful for is that I cannot be legally whipped or caned for any offence any more. Yes, there are criminal penalties which can specify whipping, but not for those over 50, I am told. Sometimes being old(er) is an advantage.

The other reason that I won’t be legally whipped is that I am not a Muslim and therefore my personal behaviour is not subject to syariah courts, which can hold me liable for offences such as drinking alcohol and have me caned.

Hati-hati bila berkata-kata.
Terlajak perahu boleh diundur.
Terlajak kata binasa.

ps.: orang Islam sendiri tidak mengendahkan undang-undang Islam. Orang bukan Islam memandai-mandai mempermainkan isu undang-undang Islam.

What are you talking, Guna?

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