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“We are shocked and very very angry with this action that the government has taken in going ahead and caning three woman for adultery. Who gives the government the right to do moral policing and why should a personal sin be turned into a crime against the state… Malaysia’s reputation and Malaysia’s claim to be a modern Muslim country, a democracy, definitely this is a big blow to Malaysia’s positioning. And for me, I am currently attending the Human Rights Summit in Washington, certainly it’s a very embarrassing moment.”
– Dr Hamidah Marican, executive director, Sisters of Islam. |sumber|

Terkejut, pelik, marah pon ada.
Seorang insan beragama Islam membawa nama organisasi Islam (kononnya) marah dengan undang-undang Islam itu sendiri dengan alasan ia bertentangan dengan arus permodenan dan demokrasi.

Caning: Non-Muslims should not interfere

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